An Idiot’s Guide To Yoga Styles (Part II)

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…continued from “An Idiot’s Guide To Yoga Styles (Part I)

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that is taught with primary emphasis on the physical alignment of the body in each pose. Usually only a few poses are performed during a class, but with great focus and awareness on the finer adjustments required to achieve proper alignment. Poses can be modified or intensified with the usage of props such as blocks, straps, ropes, blankets and chairs, thus making the practice friendly for beginners and challenging for regulars.

This systematic and structured method of over 200 classical yoga poses allows practitioners to progress gradually and safely from basic to more advanced poses as they gain greater physical flexibility, strength and achieve better awareness of the subtle harmony between mind and body.

Suitable for all levels. Great for beginners.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is one of the fastest growing yoga styles in the world today. Highly popular in the West, this 90-minute session consists of 26 asana, 2 pranayama and is performed in a heated room (105 degrees Fahrenheit / 40 degrees Celsius with a humidity of 40%). This series of postures is designed to maximise oxygen exchange as and to detoxify the entire body. Mental concentration, strength and flexibility are the main points of focus as the practitioner moves from pose to pose, creating a blissful harmony between mind and body. Performing yoga in this heated environment is claimed to promote flexibility, prevent injury, increase perspiration and aid circulation.

However, first time Bikram Yoga practitioners should remember to drink plenty of water at least 2 hours before class as due to the intense heat, nausea, dehydration, headache and fatigue are common, especially for over-enthusiastic newbies. But generally, just follow the rule of thumb of listening to your body and unnecessary complications can be avoided.

Suitable for all levels. Triple thumbs up for sweat factor.

Anusara Yoga

Founded in 1977 by John Friend, a veteran Iyengar Yoga teacher and practitioner, Anusara Yoga offers a playful and uplifting approach to an alignment focused practice. The tantric-inspired principles of Anusara are a celebration of life, self-discovery, creative freedom, diversity, beauty and unconditional love for all living beings. Individual creativity and investigation are encouraged, allowing acceptance and the freedom to explore, within the philosophical context of Anusara.

Every class has a spiritually meaningful theme which strongly connects to each pose and is reflected upon metaphorically during the entire practice. Anusara practitioners believe that each pose originates internally and eventually manifests itself in a physical form through deep creative expressions. The main aim of the practice surrounds opening of the heart, mostly experienced in the backbends that Anusara Yoga is famous for.

Suitable for all levels.

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